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Albanian prostitutes in rhondda

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Albanian prostitutes in rhondda

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She said: "It isn't just foreign girls who are being traded, there are also an awful lot of very young girls, under-age girls who are involved in the sex trade in Cardiff as well. Abygale's was one of the venues in which the Lithuanian woman worked "I would not be at all surprised if the problem stretched beyond Cardiff to other cities in Wales and the larger towns.

Baroness Gale of Blaenau Rhondda, who has raised questions on human trafficking in the House of Lords, said: "I was absolutely horrified to learn that a woman in has been sold to men. It is a form of modern-day slavery.

Detectives said they are examining other cases where foreign women are forced into the sex industry in Wales. A third Albanian man remains at large.

She said she was physically abused and told by the Albanian men that she would be tracked down and thondda if she ran away. Mungiovi-Cuka, who denied the people trafficking charge, was convicted on Thursday and now faces sentence with Akil Likcani, 20, who ly admitted trafficking and controlling a prostitute.

Mr Ould called for more to be done to help the women involved, claiming that those who were deported immediately remained in danger. Meanwhile, an ex-police chief said the sex industry must be better regulated.

I was absolutely horrified to learn that a woman in has been sold to men. They brought her to Cardiff where she was forced to work in three brothels in the city.