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The castle was taken possession of by the Royal Marines, but the garrison of Santander was reinforced, and the Escort santa clara young and British attacking forces were obliged to fall back upon the Castle, sustaining losses as they retreated. Surveillante was one of 70 British vessels present at Portsmouth, [16] at the detaining of the gun frigate Speshnoy Speshnyy and Wilhelmina Vilgeminawhich were carrying the payroll for Vice-Admiral Dmitry Senyavin 's squadron in the Mediterranean.

He made his way to Portsmouth where he was received by the frigate ased for his transportation, which was subsequently delayed from 3 to 14 April, nearly two weeks, waiting for a fair wind. In so doing they established an artillery position whilst under heavy fire from the fortification.

She was present at the detention of numerous Danish merchant vessels that were taken as prizes, the proceeds of which were shared by the fleet. Several of her crew, and an artillery officer from the army, were killed. Collier wrote that the frigate's pounders dragged over land and mounted on Santa Clara had silenced the enemy's guns opposing them in the Castle of La Motte.

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Collier attacked the frigate escort santa clara young boats, whilst receiving fire from French troops ashore and succeeded in cutting out the brig without sustaining any casualties. The French commander, General Rey, flew a flag of truce, capitulating to the British. Collier wrote, on 27 April, that she was captured "after a smart chase; she was from Charlestown, bound to Nantz; she is a remarkably fine vessel for her class, and, from her superior sailing, had already escaped eighteen of His Majesty's cruizers.

She was able to set sail on 14 April allowing Wellesley to embark upon his second voyage to Lisbon during the Peninsula War ; however, Wellesley, troubled by bad weather, was subjected to a storm during his first night at sea; it was remarked that the frigate narrowly escaped shipwreck off the coast of the Isle of Wight.

The British ships gave chase and forced a single brig to seek shelter between two nearby batteries. The French naval commander who was also Surveillante's captain, Henry Barre, prevailed upon British Commodore John Loring's representative, Captain John Blighto accept the capitulation dlara Surveillante, in order to put her, as well as her crew and passengers, under British protection.

Sabastian's, in which they attempted to breach a battery. Collier wrote "The privateer is of a class and possesses qualities admirably calculated for the annoyance of the British Trade.

The former slaves threatened to fire red hot shot at the ship from the overlooking forts. Duckworth wrote "From General Rochambeau's extraordinary conduct in the public service, neither Captain Bligh or myself have any thing to say to him further than complying with his wishes in allowing him to remain on board the Surveillante until her arrival at Jamaica.

Orders in Council was armed with two 18 and four 9-pounder guns. Collier announced that a escrt attack had been made on 27—28 August, despite being under heavy fire.