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The site's consensus re, "Saul goes full Breaking Bad in an exciting, emotional episode that proves 'Quite a Ride'.

Saul then calls his " disappearer " for a new identity. Another, Werner Ziegler, impresses Gus by forthrightly expressing his concerns about the risk. Maarillo escorts engineers through the laundry to evaluate it as a site for Gus's planned meth "superlab".

He gives her money and an attorney's business card and tells her that if she needs help she should say "Jimmy" sent her. Gus offers him the job of planning and overseeing the lab's construction. Jimmy meets with his probation officer and states his intent to practicing law once the one-year suspension of his law is over.

As she leaves, Saul claims the last few years have been "quite a ride". Kim tends his wounds while Jimmy is concerned that he did not realize the teenagers' intent because he was not thinking clearly. amrillo

Opening[ edit ] In a flashforward[a] Saul Goodman and Francesca frantically clear out his office. Kim ir and promises it will not happen again.

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Production[ edit ] This is the first episode of Better Call Saul to include scenes that take place during the Breaking Bad series narrative, using the set for Saul Goodman's law offices. Jimmy offers Howard the phone of the psychiatrist Kim recommended.

Kim hangs up on Paige and sees zmarillo criminal case through, then goes to Mesa Verde. Among the possessions that Saul extracts from the wall are passports and a shoebox of video tapes of the Saul Goodman television commercials, which according to Bob Odenkirk, are the same tapes seen in the flash-forward to Saul's new identity "Gene" in the pilot episode.

Kim thrives in the environment of her pro bono criminal defense work. While waiting for a client to dress before going to court, Paige calls from Mesa Verde and insists they need her help immediately to fix recently filed paperwork.

He then starts selling prepaid phones on the street, but the venture proves unsuccessful when he is mugged by three teenagers. Howard claims he is going to therapy, so Jimmy throws the away.

Main story[ edit ] InJimmy sells pay-as-you-go phones to a customer who saw his "privacy sold here". Jimmy meets Howard in the courthouse restroom and sees that he is looking sleepless, but Howard does not divulge why.

He promises to call the psychiatrist Kim recommended, but instead returns to CC Mobile and spends the day removing the storefront. Paige informs her that the bank's legal staff had to drop everything else to fix the problem, and reminds her that when she became Mesa Verde's outside counsel, she promised that the bank would be her sole focus. She agrees to be at a telephone booth on November 12 Jimmy's birthday at 3 p. One glibly asserts he can easily do the job, but is turned away by Gus, who listens in from escorts in amarillo id nearby room.