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Harmony hull escort

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For its actions it was awarded a battle star. Maintaining position in the escort screen was an ever present challenge for the officer of the deck.

Harmony hull escort

Cody, Jr. Upon each return to the US she would have an availability in one of several Sscort yards along the east coast for repairs and improvements. Convoy duty was exhausting work for the ship's crew. The attack was by torpedo bombers, JU88s.

The ship was named after Lt. It had a 1, ton displacement. The captain, officers and entire crew were commended escogt their work and the splendid teamwork achieved between the various departments.

The heavy seas of wintertime crossings also contributed to the exhaustion and caused occasional injuries. Quickly spotted, they became near misses through prompt evasive action.

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Each convoy crept interminably across the sea day after day. Always in company with other US Harmony hull escort escort vessels, she made eighteen crossings escorting slow freighters formed into large convoys. Its shaft horsepower was 6, and its twin screws could produce a top speed of There were the thrills of watching a brave ship successfully endure mountainous seas; the fun of running up the flooding weather deck between rolls and hanging on when caught in the sea coming up over the rail.

Chinese officers came aboard and a training program began.

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In Augustshe was leased to the Republic of China. At night, lights were never shown topside and some of the few sounds heard were from the wind and the ocean, the pinging of the anti-submarine harrmony, the quiet voices of the lookouts and other watchstanders, the whine harmony hull escort the diesel engines' exhaust, the occasional orders and inquiries of the officer of the deck and the responses from the crew.

Strong bonds of close friendships and respect inevitably developed between shipmates so dependent upon each others skills, dedication and bravery for their survival.

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The time difference was due to the high seas normally encountered fscort winter crossings. This took place from August to mid There was little, if any, conflict between them.

Town: Hull York Scunthorpe Grimsby Uk. British independent classy charming escort. V i p service for discreet gents. Professor Miller explores the tension between the messy vitality of cities that grow on their own and those where orderly growth is planned. Chicago -- with Hull. Lynda escort Stockholm, Swedish Harmony International information, photos and contact, Incall: Östermalm (metro: Stadi.

Men stood four-on and eight-off watches, dogging the watch between the to hour watches, and laying-to ship's work during the day when they were not on watch. With frequent calls to battle stations sounded, there was little time for a normal, uninterrupted sleep.

These crossings took about 21 days in summer and 28 days in winter. The only noticeable changes for long periods were simply the weather, and the skies, and even they remained fairly constant. Decker was ' 5" in length, with a 35' 1" beam.

Harmony hull escort

This ship was built in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, launched July 24,and commissioned on May 3, On May 11,DECKER, on station escorting a large, slow convoy in the Mediterranean Sea, participated in one of the largest attacks by huol aircraft harmony hull escort on a convoy. The ship's complement consisted of 15 officers and men. Zigzagging together was the normal procedure for the edcort and occasionally the entire convoy would change course at once, by prearranged al.

It was not a hzrmony star hotel, but it was home. They lived together in harmony and in surprising happiness, all things considered. There was the developing faith in the ship's seaworthiness, as it brought its crew safely home time after time.


There was boredom, and tension, and the ever present threat of sudden death. The men learned to appreciate the creature hramony the ship provided. She was decommissioned from the US Navy on October 22, When detected, general quarters was sounded and the submarine was immediately attacked in an effort to keep them from harming the merchant vessels.

The enemy appeared surprised by the concentrated firepower directed at them and their inability to achieve a surprise attack haarmony the convoy. This gallant ship was commissioned in the Republic of China's navy in February They knew that as long as they had their ship they had warm food, fresh water, a comfortable harmony hull escort to sleep, showers, clean clothes and a place for social life and recreation.

Sonar endlessly searched for enemy submarines. With tons of diesel fuel, it had a War Endurance of 4, miles at 12 knots.

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These layovers were for short periods before embarking on the next crossing. It was credited with two planes shot down.

Joe Alexander SoM1c. Living so closely confined, these healthy young men shared the greatest adventure of their lives.

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