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Katarzyna Rozek has her own bedroom.

Otherwise well-educated Poles find themselves confined to unskilled jobs for want of better English, and South Cheshire College in Crewe has been bombarded with applications for houde on its English courses. Employers like the Poles. SomePoles are thought to have come to Britain in the past few years, representing the biggest influx of migrants since the end of mass immigration from the New Commonwealth in the early Seventies.

Crewe is not so good but at least there is house of babes crewe. But they are often working at a level below their qualifications because of poor English.

Weekends mean Crewe with its limited range of attractions. Cracow's rate is about half that level, but the real problem is low wages.

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That may be more myth than reality, but there were certainly landlords in the town who grew fat on the influx of people looking for cheap rentable housing. A survey of attitudes in major western EU countries published last week suggests Britons are least relaxed about mass immigration from new eastern member states, despite our liberal policy on admissions. A make-up artist by training, she spends nine hours a day, five days house of babes crewe week scanning the bar codes on boxes at the Caudwell distribution centre.


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A distribution hub just off the M6 with an unemployment rate of two per cent, Crewe house of babes crewe soaked up cheap labour. They do long hours and are good attenders. The town also boasts its own Polish delicatessen - the newcomers miss their bread and sausages, and the shop enjoys houze business in both. For the young, the only way to earn such money is to go abroad.

Like Katarzyna, a of Lena's contemporaries have left for Britain.

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What does she dislike most about Britain? If I cannot make this business work, then I will have to go.

Lena Radon is 24 and Katarzyna's best friend. And for more than 3, of them Britain means Crewe, the Victorian railway town in south Cheshire that unkind visitors would argue has but one attractive feature: a large of departing trains. British, Irish and Italian buyers have pushed up property prices in the centre of town. It is a student town with many bars and things to do.

There are opportunities in Britain. Assembly was followed by a tree planting service and concluded with a memorial service, during which a bench was dedicated to each of the three pupils who lost their lives while pupils at the school. ctewe

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The Polish influence on Crewe's education system is obvious in other ways. Just as the Poles are moving to Britain and other western European states, so Ukrainians are filling low-paid jobs in Poland. The Polish housf began with mostly unmarried men and women, or men who had left their families back in Poland.

British breath is softer, whiter, not so good. Lena holds on because of a fortuitous offer. If the experience of Crewe and Cracow is anything to babee by, they'd better get used it.

In the end, people have to go. Tourists flock there, and to the rest of the city's old quarter, helping to make it one of the wealthiest corners of the country. You can buy postcards of Crewe in Polish there, illustrating the delights of the town.

Katarzyna wants to improve her English to get a better job. Aleksandra Motenko is 22 and from Kiev. It was not uncommon for eight or 10 to be squeezed into one small, dilapidated terrace house, two or three to a bedroom. When Poles started coming to Crewe in big s in some were said to have slept in cars, paying a few pounds a week for access to bathrooms.

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Crewe, it seems, has some way to go in accommodating its newest inhabitants. He said some Polish people were treated like garbage there. Why are so many East Europeans flocking to the unglamorous Cheshire railway town? I have a friend who was an au pair there and now is hose to be an ant. But too many people from Poland.

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Another is working in Scotland. Here it is much harder.

The Polish economy grew by almost six per cent last year, but unemployment remains the highest in the EU at about 13 per cent. The in Polish on the A49 should have read: "Spikes in road, wait for help.

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Poles make up some five per cent of the local population and, as new figures released yesterday show, they are still coming, drawn by wages bages, while poor by British standards, represent a huge improvement on those back home. Recent developments[ edit ] The school specialises in sport, and briefly modern foreign languages. Polish breath is much nicer to eat.

But as those families have been brought over, so pressure has grown on the local education system. Her boss offered to sell her the lease on the restaurant and she accepted.

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Between one and two million of Poland's 38 million people have decided that is the best course. At the moment she makes about the same as Katarzyna does from her tedious bar code scanning. As they remedy that, they move up.