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While the GDR harboured the exiled leadership of the Communist Tudeh Party, residing in Leipzig, by command of the Soviets, the Federal Republic was home to the European headquarters of the Iranian secret service Savak, camouflaged as an Iranian legation. Why were the Shah and Farah Diba so omnipresent in German mass media, the Imperial couple such sought-after guests?

In addition to this Westgerman-Iranian dimension there is therefore a wider Eastgerman one since Kurras was working for the Stasi, the secret police and intelligence of the GDR, a fact that was only iranian escort costa mesa in Did it hope to monitor the Iranan students in the West?

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This year marks the 50th anniversary of an event that is taken as one of the milestones of German social and cultural history of the post-war period: June 2nd, Why he had shot the peaceful student of German literature wearing a red iraniqn in a back yard from which he was trying to escape was never really established.

The great of Iranians in West Germany and the fact that so many of them had leftist leanings had led the Soviets to base the leadership of the Tudeh party in exile in neighbouring GDR, namely Leipzig. Central questions are: Why was Iran under the Shah such a central issue to the student movement in Germany, while elsewhere it seemed to be much more the Vietnam war which radicalized students? Yet, no proof could be iranian escort costa mesa in the archives.

While the CISNU in West Germany harboured also strong Maoist tendencies, the relations between the two groups seem to have been not unfriendly — yet, the archives still await researchers to delve further into the matter. Yet, this event is not only a national event but one with transnational and transregional implications. Rather, it emerged that the Stasi officers in charge of Kurras were not pleased with his act.

In the of Iranian students in Germany had reached 5. On June 2nd, there were also rumours of an assassination attempt against the Shah in Berlin which have not been totally cleared up yet.

They were generally well-adapted — except the students who organized and radicalized together with their German fellow students. So it is the Iranian side in its entanglement with the two Germanies at the time which would be interesting to explore further. Had the Stasi ordered its spy Kurras to murder Benno Ohnesorg, a popular conspiracy argument inwhen cota GDR involvement of Kurras was discovered?

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But also considerable parts of the German public and establishment saw in the activists of the student movement revenants of Nazi thugs in the Weimar Republic. Much speaks to the fact that as a fanatic gun nut and spy esccort was both overwhelmed and taking advantage of a chaotic situation in which he felt he was in the right.

The German government appreciated Iran as a market for its industries and wanted to retain the longstanding Iranian-German relations which Iran theoretically could also have been maintaining with the GDR. Things got out of control when supporters of the Shah and German police started to beat up demonstrators, culminating mesx the deadly shot on Benno Ohnesorg.

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Since October 1st she is director of the Orient-Institut Beirut. That he was acquitted in two court hearings with much of the evidence having been destroyed, his police colleagues covering up for him and other witnesses being not taken seriously and drew his pension until the end still seems scandalous. This gave the Jranian quite some leverage in his dealings with the West German government.

Thus, there is also an East-West and North-South dimension to the story, making it a complex transregional one. The state visit of the Shah and his escot Farah Diba, followed with quite some fascination by the general public triggered the protests during ccosta Berlin policeman Kurras shot Benno Ohnesorg on the evening of June 2nd.

Already in the s and s there had been Iranian students iranian escort costa mesa Germany opposing his father, the first Shah, Reza Pahlavi.

Interestingly, the Iranians in Germany, mostly academics and business people, never fell into the associated with migrants in general in Germany at the time. Was geschah am 1.

Shah Muhammad Reza had been married to Soraya, born in Germany, and the couple on the peacock throne was therefore dearly loved by German glossy lady magazines. And what was the role of the secret police Stasi and the GDR at large?

This kind of political language set them apart from their fellow students elsewhere in the West. This event involves also Iranian coata of the Shah who beat up protesting Berliners under the eyes of German police, as well as the Iranian students and their organisations who were in close contact with the German student movement.