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Love hurts?

The Ohio State study involved 42 married couples, aged 22 to So does a wounded marriage Lisa love hollywood escort. But the study also found that couples with high degrees of conflict had higher levels of the same cytokines generally in the bloodstream the morning after an argument, compared to those who were not in as much disagreement.

The authors said there is already a sizable body of research showing that marital disagreement causes adverse health impacts ranging from high blood pressure and depression to the ability to cope with heart disease and heart failure.

The blisters were deliberately inflicted on the test subjects by using a vacuum pump on the arm. While greater early production at wound sites is beneficial, the authors said, a higher systemic level is harmful.

The authors said stress appears to slow the local, wound-site production of lisq cytokines -- protein molecules produced by white blood cells that play a key role in the early stages of healing. They were tested twice -- first in a social setting and then again when they were told to get into disagreements.

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The stress that comes from discord appears to slow the initial production of a blood protein that is key to healing wounds, the report from Ohio State University said. Hollywoodd couples studied in a laboratory setting had a slower wound healing process than when they were not arguing, as measured by how rapidly blisters healed.