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But on Thursday the high court in Leipzig confirmed it will remain permissible until alternative methods of sex determination in eggs are introduced. They developed a non-invasive way to determine chicken embryo sex, from about seven days after fertilisation, by extracting fluid and detecting hormones. For the billions of hens used in egg and poultry farming every year, a similar of male chicks are killed shortly after birth.

The UK-based Royal Society for the Flr of Cruelty to Animals RSPCA says that maceration can actually be considered looking for my leipzig chick humane than gassing because, if carried out correctly, it kill chicks within a second while asphyxiation may take two minutes. The mass-culling of male chicks has long been a focus of animal rights activists who say the practice is unethical.

The mass-killing of male chicks is common practice in food production around the world. Is it cruel to stun animals with carbon dioxide?

What are the alternatives? The method allows them to bring females to full maturity and discard males prior to hatching - turning them into high-quality animal feed.

How widespread is male chick culling? After years of research and millions in government funding, a German company called Seleggt started to sell the first "no kill" eggs on the market last year.

Male chicks are viewed in the industry as commercially useless, because they grow more slowly than hens so are deemed unsuitable for looming production. Scientists in a of countries have been trying to find a solution.

Maria-Elisabeth Krautwald-Junghanns, a veterinarian from Leipzig, discovered a way of determining the sex of chicken embryos while they are. The poultry industry prefers female chicks as they fatten better. has made it possible to look inside a hen's egg to determine a chick's gender. project led by the University of Leipzig, which has developed a method for. In order to provide an alternative to day-old chick culling in the layer Leipzig, Germany) equipped with a gold-coated integration sphere and.

The eggs, labelled Respeggt, are currently available in more than shops in Germany, with hope the technology will become more widespread soon. Friedrich Ostendorff, a spokesman for the German Green party, said he was "surprised and disappointed" by the court's decision.

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