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Looking for someone who likes tennis

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Might have been involved with the player since their early years and are a major presence and support.

And while the rewards wuo eventually be lucrative, coaches and trainers on tour are always just a week or so away from getting sacked and being out of the game until another position becomes available. Different players have differently configured back-room teams and not all of them will have the same-sized entourage, while some roles can be mixed looking for someone who likes tennis matched between staff.

As with a rock star or an F1 driver, those behind the scenes form a super-professional and well-drilled team, each with a specific role to play to ensure that the player is as gor and supported as possible - physically, mentally, and financially.

At the lower levels, on the ATP Challenger Circuit for example, it is a different story as it is almost impossible, given players' financial circumstances, to hire a huge entourage. Judy Murray has witnessed all of Andy Murray's finest moments, and he has openly displayed his emotional thanks post-match.

In the world of tennis, many of the people involved with the sport, ranging from the If this doesn't make you like him, perhaps you should go look at some. tennis community continues to amaze us. What better way to celebrate that passion than taking a look at some of the reasons you love tennis. It's more like tall, skinny people who look like a scarecrow. As tennis has Nalbandian is one of those naturally-built tennis players. His back and chest are huge.

At tournaments that means sorting out media appearances, meeting existing and potential new sponsors, and dealing with other player commitments. Not only had there been lookking tense build-up to the game, given that one of Murray's former coaches, Dani Vallverdu, now works with Berdychbut during the match the Scotsman's fiancee Kim Sears was apparently caught on camera swearing in the opposing camp's direction.

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Some, for example [French player] Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, at times have gone with no coach because he likes the freedom. And, notwithstanding the latest ruction, he believes the female presence is good for Murray's image. The Main Coach image copyrightGetty Images image captionToni Nadal has been known to bring in outside specialists to assist his nephew They may not work all year round, but the chief coach is the main someonf point of contact with the player, honing someoje or her skills to a tournament-ready fine-pitch.

Someone like Murray can sometimes seem edgy and not very accessible, so what Mauresmo, Kim Sears and his mother do is soften his image, which can only help with his fod. The entourage is the highly motivated family, financial and sporting team driving their man or woman to the top.

Other entourage members can include a hitting partner, a specialist coach brought in to work on just one stroke such as Djokovic hiring Mark Woodforde in to improve his volleysdieticians, as well as other family members or close friends. The principal coach is often also a defensive shield, and can provide another "public face" to the star.

If they are in situ for many years, they become almost surrogate family members. However, there is always the chance said family member will be a loose cannon, with Bernard Tomic's father John perhaps the tehnis notorious example.

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In their rise to the top, the Williams sisters have been supported by their family, including father Richard and mother Oracene. Rather, a lower-ranking player will look to hire a "hybrid" back-up person - and on a straight salary, which offers some stability and financial planning for both parties throughout the tennis season. Often, but not always, a former pro themselves who understands the challenges of battling to Grand Slam finals.

The more cash a player rakes in through prize money and endorsements, the bigger the potential entourage they can employ, with the top stars paying hundreds of thousands of pounds a year on support staff. They are also responsible for extending a player's economic well-being after their playing career. It has all put the spotlight on players' entourages - those close friends and advisers who can be seen sitting in the VIP boxes at big games.

They may not always travel, but might restrict appearances to Grand Slams and other major events.