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This is a belief from English folklore which goes back at least as far aswhen Nigel de Longchamps' Mirror for Fools has a character interpreting his girp as a of bad luck to come. Judge JA Sturges, who tells this story in his History of McDonald County, tells us the river's ford was then too flooded for vehicles, but could be negotiated on horseback.

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It's every bit as sweet as it sounds. The few pleasures they lopking hope for — rutting, moonshine and fiddle tunes — seemed only to thiz eternal damnation. Radio 4 never did buy the murder ball idea, so I was left kicking myself for failing to claim my find while I had the chance. In its first usage, the nosebleed in court may have been intended as an omen of the killer's ill fortune — in this case, his imminent execution.

On the Monday, they began asking around, but could find no trace of her. The lungs were perfectly dry and knoxvlile evidences of drowning were absent. A couple go for a private walk by the river, one of them produces a knife and ignores the other's protest about being unprepared for eternity. The Berkshire Tragedy verse above has him looming this conversation with a servant, but that would hardly thi been a credible circumstance for the early Scottish and Irish settlers who first brought this song across the Atlantic.

Knoxville Girl, by The Yhis Brothers On Wednesday, December 7, looking for this knoxville girl, she was staying with her sister, Mrs Sydney Holly, at the Holly family's nearby home, when a Joplin man named William Simmons arrived to visit her. The churchyard there has no surviving gravestones older than aboutbut it's still nice to know the general area where she was laid to rest.

Knoxville Girl is an incredible song, but it shakes me down every time I sing it. Available on: Sing Desire Blue Corn, Available on: Song Links 2 Fellside, Besides, who am I to argue with the song's finest living interpreter? Meanwhile, Rev.

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We all know what happens next, and events here unfold just as they did in The Berkshire Tragedy a century before. The Oxford Girl, by Waterson:Carthy It's obviously nonsense to suggest, as some people do, that Mary Noel's death is the prime source for Knoxville Girl.

Not only that, but we also had a murder victim called Anne Nicholas - a very close match to the Anne Nichols mentioned looking for this knoxville girl Pepys' Ball - and evidence that they'd had together. Then again, maybe Francis Cooper really did suffer a nosebleed in the dock, and this was included in the ballad merely as a nice little authenticating detail for those who'd heard s of his trial elsewhere.

If the crossing was impossible, she'd stay on that side of the river with one of the many relatives the Noels had scattered about there. Splendid stuff. Here was documentary proof that there really had been a Shropshire murderer called Francis Cooper at the time Philip Henry made his February diary entry. It's much sharper and more concise than the English originals, for example, and gains all the more punch from that.

We don't know exactly when a version called The Oxford Tragedy first appeared.

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There's no ror of the crucial nosebleed in this Olivia Newton John hit, but its resemblance to Knoxville Girl's plot is still striking. I gave myself a little pat on the back, slipped the copies into a file and thought what a cracking revelation they would make for Radio 4's Knoxville Girl episode.

The real facts of this killing form an almost uncanny echo of the one described half a world away and years earlier. These showed that Anne had been buried on March 1,and Ichabod baptised on March Not a version of the original song, but Stearns' thi on the Knoxville Girl's fate and the baffling cruelty of men.

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Every later version, starting with The Berkshire Tragedy, shifts this scene to the killer's return home, where he uses the nosebleed excuse to fob off questions about his blood-stained clothes. It should be a mess, but actually it works rather well. Make way for a grown-up, children. Mary said she'd stay with him at the Hollys' Mann Farm home until he left, and then cross the Elk River back to her father's house if the water was not too high.

On November 2,Peter Francis posted on Mudcat again, this time with exactly the same tuis Looking for this knoxville girl uncovered four months earlier.

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Vance Randolph University of Missouri Press, This told the tale of a young man who got himself trapped in Kentucky's Sand Cave in Februarytbis whose plight was avidly followed by newspaper readers and radio listeners throughout America. I may seem to be belabouring all this, but those names in the Westbury Parish Register are probably the only bit of genuine knoxvilel scholarship Ffor ever get to contribute to the study of a major folk ballad like Knoxville Girl.

She likes him as a friend, but not to marry, so he comes up with this great plan. That came in November, when the prosecutor indicated that he'd accept second degree murder, on the grounds that the killing could have been done without the deliberate looking for this knoxville girl and intent needed for a first-degree charge.

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Tanner's is the earliest version I've been able to find using this name, and I'm content knoxvilpe believe it was the William Simmons case which inspired it. This describes a miller in Lexington, Kentucky, who promises to marry a local girl if she'll sleep with him.

The Pineville reference and the song's title aside, it's a straightforward reading of Knoxville Firl as everyone came to know it from Arthur Tanner's recording, with exactly the same details of The Bloody Miller and The Berkshire Tragedy left intact. The Noels were a prominent family in McDonald County, and hundreds of volunteers ed the effort, most now assuming that Mary had been deliberately killed.

Collins eventually died of starvation and exposure, and Columbia scored a bit hit with the Dalhart record that followed in May. He also wrote it up for his local church magazine, adding some baptism entries he'd discovered, which indicated Francis was 27 when the murder happened and Anne was The lack of a burial record for Francis Cooper thls disappointing, but I'd half-assumed the church would have refused to bury an executed murderer on holy ground anyway.

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Soon, the search gravitated towards the river, where the deepest stretches were dragged and every spot searched. Reverend Toop said any records from that era would be stored at the Shropshire Archive, so I e-mailed them with all the details I had and sat back to await.

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Bearing a ggirl influence from The Blue Sky Boys' version, The Louvins add a looking for this knoxville girl beat and produce the song's single most essential version. Sheila learned this song as in the evocatively-named town of Sodom, North Carolina, and her a cappella version is one of the loveliest I've heard. Simmons said he'd rather walk as far as Lanagan and then take a train home from there.

In they found it The first proven American original we have is The Lexington Miller, printed as an early 19th Century broheet in Boston, and currently held by the Harvard College Library. I've got no proof for this, but I like to think the Mary Noel story's most enduring legacy is to give Knoxville Girl's killer his modern name.