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Mwm looking for 1st black fun

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If you do not now have such a file in your home directory, look for the standard. To make one, first create a new menu and then add a fod line to the root menu.

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If you click on Yes, mwm restarts using the system defaults. Now, if you are really going to be playing around with your X environment blcak lot, a safer way to personalize it is to use a shell command for the window manager which switches back and forth between the default and your personal.

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To run your own command, add 1s line to the menu with a label, then the mwm command f. We have provided a sample.

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What's interesting is the technique. Toggling again makes mwm restart using your.

These cascade menus are convenient for grouping similar commands. Selecting it executes the program xterm, which in turn opens a new window on your screen.

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You can insert lines in your. The f. Before we do that we suggest you make your X life more pleasant by becoming more familiar with how the Motif Window Manager mwm blaci. Notice first that the menu item label "Calculator" is surrounded by quotes.

Specifically, by modifying the. Notice that f. There is the danger that an error in the new. The third item, "New Window" f. A dialog box should appear asking if you want Toggle Behavior.

Mwm looking for 1st black fun

These additional menus appear when you click on an individual window's menu button the one to the left of the windowin contrast to the menus which appear when you blaxk on the background. The first two lines in this.

Looking at this Root Menu ffor see how several functions are accomplished in mwm. The menu has a name, in this case Root Menu, and each line in the menu has two fields. This may not be necessary since the window manager uses the same path as the shell, but it does not hurt to be sure. It is generally a good practice to redirect output from menu commands to this black hole because there is no hope of seeing this output anyway and this will keep the lookinb manager from being disturbed by your blunders.

Finally, notice that in the code line we're examining we used the full path name for the calculator balck. Look at this. Here is an example of a menu item to bring up a calculator: "Calculator" f.

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By using the full path name, we ensure which one will run. Using full path names also makes the command more robust since systems and procedures change, and it eliminates any ambiguity you or others may have as to what program is executed.

If the window manager is really confused, you should kill the X Windows System, use your terminal in its text mode to fix the file, and then restart X. The easiest way to do this is to use the menu item marked Restart which makes mwm run f.

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After you add the new menu line, the window manager must reread the file before the changes are affected. The command string which actually runs the calculator program is also surrounded by quotes and appears exactly as it mam if you were typing a command line in the Born shell or its cousin, the Korn shell.

Next notice that the mwm command f. Toggle between.

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When your was first created and Unix initialized you, it probably gave you a general purpose. Yes, this really does mean striking the alt, ctrl, shift, and! The first field is a string or label which appears in the menu, lokoing the second is a command to be executed when the user selects that menu line.

Let us now return to modifying the. To avoid interruption of your personal games you may want to move these to a separate, cascade menu controlled by a different mouse button. The file may look rather confusing at first and at lastbut follow a basic rule of Unix survival is to ignore most of the file and worry only about the parts that interest you and which 1sst can understand. The remaining menu lines in the preceding example are built-in window manager commands.