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Nikki clifton escort

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Jamie and Fancy then privately fantasize about each other. Eventually, Jamie annuls the contract by threatening to reveal some embarrassing information about the producer.

Unfortunately, when Jamie quits while he's ahead by throwing the dice down, the dealer thinks Jamie wants to continue betting, and Jamie loses everything. However, Fancy and Chante wear identical costumes.

Jamie must compete with a smitten Ice Cube for Fancy's affection. By mistake, Jamie passionately kisses Fancy, who hides the fact that she actually enjoys it.

First, he'll have to be content with working and living at the cllifton, once-famous Los Angeles hotel "The King's Tower", owned nikki clifton escort his sensible aunt Helen King, and her troublesome husband Junior King. At Junior's request, Jamie picks up the ring, but while showing the ring to Fancy and Braxton, Jamie hears Helen approaching and, panicking, slips it onto Fancy's finger—where it gets stuck.

When a call from her agent pulls her away from yet another important night in her son's life, it forces Jamie to face some hard truths about nikki clifton escort relationship. Meanwhile, Helen tries to cure Junior of lotto fever. Junior convinces Jamie to go to a casino and win enough to save the hotel.

But Nelson quickly figures out that Jamie is exploiting him to attract Fancy, and sets out to make Jamie's life hellish by blackmailing him and stealing various items from around the hotel: computer files, Junior's fine Cuban cigars and Fancy's diary. Jamie has amazing luck in a dice game. Jamie must choose between advancing his career or standing up for his family.

Attempting to ignore the condescending hotel ant, Braxton P. After some flirting lessons from Jamie, it's "B Smooth" who impresses the ladies. Thrilled, Escirt convinces Charles to stay in the hotel for a few days, then witnesses Charles making romantic advances to Helen.

When Fancy refuses to be his date, Jamie invites another woman, Chante, to make Fancy jealous. Hartnabrig, and the dumb bellman Dennis, Jamie vies for the attention of the sexy and shrewd front desk clerk Francesca cliftn Monroe. Impressed with Jamie, Charles promises to help his career by introducing him to powerful people. Meanwhile, Junior is stumped by a hotel plumbing problem.

But when Jamie unwisely tastes one of the pies to find out why they are so popular, he eats the next day's entire order one clifotn another. Jamie proves to the court nikki clifton escort she is faking by saying that her dance moves are horrendous and she gets up and dances to prove that's a lie, exposing her as a scammer.

However, his eccentric parents are in town at the same time, and he's worried they may ruin his induction. Season 2 — [ edit ].

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But when Jamie learns of her duplicity and boots her out, the Kings land in a courtroom. Jamie must think fast to save Junior's surprise.

Embarrassed, Jamie asks Fancy to pose as his girlfriend while the ex eecort in town. Meanwhile, due to Junior's negligence and compulsive gambling, the hotel is in serious debt. However, news from two mysterious guests tells Jamie it's not time to ring those wedding bells just yet: they're about to nab a notorious scam artist.

Then, with the hotel a complete mess due to the party, Jamie learns that Helen and Junior are returning home early.