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What is a Person Profile?

Click the Submit button to submit the changes for approval or click Cancel to return to the Non-person Profile ;rofile. Understanding Profile Copy, Import, and Syndication Often the same profile items appear in related profiles.

Remove Syndicated Content, Source Click to remove profile items that were syndicated from another profile. Inactive: Profiles that are inactive are not available to employees and managers in self-service.

Add, update, and view profile item details. Review syndication exceptions.

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Create and update non-person profiles. This field is displayed for some types of profiles that existed in earlier versions of PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Resources.

However, the Saved Items link appears to enable you to view the changes you have saved but not submitted. Employees can view active non-person profiles only.

Introduction to the Person Profile hot wives June

Employees and managers cannot view profiles that are Administrator Only. Setting Up and Working with Approvals Maintaining Profiles This section provides person profile of profiles and profile types, profile copy, import, and syndication, lists prerequisites and common elements, and discusses how to: Create and update person profiles.

Enter additional profile information. This diagram and the following text identify the elements in person profile s: Format of a profile Here is a description of the parts of a profile: Header. Lists the changes that have been made to the person profile.

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Profile person profile grouped together by tabs. This diagram shows how you could set up a job function profile and syndicate protile content through the hierarchy to job family, job code, and person profile profiles: Syndication propagates a job function profile through the job family, job code, and position profiles If you set up cascading syndication, we recommend that you use it in a similar hierarchical method.

These are known as syndication exceptions.

This button is not available until you click the Save button to save the changes you have made. When you create a non-person profile, the default status is Inactive.

Person Profile Overview

Syndicate content into a non-person profile from another profile. Tabs consist of one or more content sections.

Add and update profile groups for a profile. This icon is displayed when a profile item has more than one effective-dated row only.

On the Non-person Profilethe Profile Identities scroll area lists the entities to which the profile is linked. Set up the Event Manager.

How to use Typecase (Content Publisher) to create a Person profile about a member of University staff and their role. Depending on the configuration of your profile types, approvals workflow is triggered when employees update their personal profiles and managers make changes. This Learning Clip provides a tour of the person profile in iCIMS, which is a building block of the Platform.

This profile action is available from the Non-person Profile only. Display details of profile items with exceptions.

person profile This profile action is available from the Non-person Profile and the Person Profile. You can edit saved items only; items that have been submitted for approval can't be changed. Profile Associations non-person profiles only.

XML Publisher technology generates prson printable file using the same template and layout as the Person Profile person profile report. For example, if you link a profile to a person profile code, the system checks whether job code is specified as an end profile or template in the profile type. The profile type controls whether approvals workflow is triggered when the profile is updated, and the user roles that can view and update each section of profille profile.

The type of profile identities available are controlled by the profile type selected. Use these links to view the changes.

How to create a Person profile hot wives June

Owner Select the employee ID of the profile owner. You can: Load profile items into a person profile from a related non-person profile. Employees and managers cannot view template profiles.

The Non-person Profile displays approved items only.