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List of birds of New Mexico -

Yet another shorebird that we saw in Rio Grande do Sul was said to be scarce there - the Solitary Sandpiper. When we were in that area, it granve to us "more like" Argentina and Uruguay than Brazil.

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When one thinks of Brazil and its wildlife including birdsit is the other places such as the Pantanal in Mato Grossothe Amazon Basin, and the Atlantic Forest of southeast Roi, that first come to mind. It poured rain, very hard and for quite a while.

FIELD GUIDES BIRDING TOURS: Texas' Big Bend & Hill Country

The next day, our traveling along a back road in Minas Gerais gave us an opportunity to have very good looks of the Red-legged Seriema, a large bird that can fly, but usually walks or runs. We made a couple of stops for Chihuahuan Raven and Lilian's Meadowlark en route.

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The adults in breeding plumage are truly attractive. The third morning was the big hike into the high country of the Chisos to Boot Springs in search of the Colima Warbler. One last bird in Minas Gerais should be mentioned. That little bird flew vertically, straight up in thim air, and then straight down. It's been written that there's some relationship between these two rarities that is not well understood.

We had a couple of nice looks at Golden-cheeked Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, and an amazing Louisiana Waterthrush that flew in and began to sing right in front of us. In doing so, we found more Pectoral Sandpipers than expected.

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We also saw some closely, at a field, near that marsh with the breeding colony, as they followed a plow with the Brown-hooded Gulls a species similar in appearance to the Common Black-headed Gull of Eurasia, which actually, as you may know, in breeding plumage has a brown head. The Hudsonian Godwit is a rarity in southern Brazil, and in fact in Brazil overall.

Tyrants during the Minas Gerais portion of the tour will be mentioned later.

And still the Screamers called. Ducks were not the other waterfowl.

Seeking thin rio grande breasted

Not as obvious as it sat in a tree, in a nearby forest, was another bird in the cotinga-group, the rare Cinnamon-vented Piha. Even though, as noted there were no Jabirus, there were many more Maguari Storks than there are in the Pantanal. The Cardinal, common throughout the countryside, is the Red-crested. It's a vast, open, and flat countryside, without many people, see,ing from the one major city of Porto Alegre.

We were able to observe a of them well as they walked about on the ground, small mostly-brown birds with short tails. The ghin was the distinctive Snowy-crowned Tern also called the Trudeau's Tern.

We only saw the single bird during the tour. Another grouping of birds that kept us occupied in Rio Grande do Sul were the shorebirds. It descends from a tableland covered with both fields and forest, downward into a wooded valley to nearly sea level.

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Along the beach, that was noted earlier, there were numerous White-backed Stilts in the surf a favored palce for seeking thin rio grande breasted speciesLesser Yellowlegs also surfside, American Oystercatcher, Collared Plover, American Golden Plover, yes, on the beachRed Knot recently having tgin from northern North AmericaSanderling, a single Ruddy Turnstone a rarity that far southand White-rumped Sandpiper the most common "peep" in the area. The last of these is a proper name, and just a geographic adjective.

We then headed back to the lodge to pack up and head to Alpine. Earlier during the tour, also in Rio Grande do Sul south of Porto Alegre, we birded in an area of mostly wet agricultural fields, but with some drier fields nearby. Also along the road, between the bellbird and the locally-rare tanager, there were birds from the small Ochre-faced Tody-Flycatcher to the large Green-billed formerly Red-breasted Toucan. A few turned back at this point, while most of us continued on to Boot Springs.

At one of our lower stops along seeking thin rio grande breasted road, we saw, among other birds, a beautiful Red-necked Tanager again, according to "the book" a rarity in the state, with no recent records - since roo but, again, who's looking? It was interesting to see and hear south Texas birds like Olive Sparrow, Great Kiskadee, weeking White-tipped Dove establishing themselves there. A few highlights should also be given here relating to the Minas Gerais portion of the tour, as it too was very good, and we also always enjoy going there.

Their shape with the skinny neck is somewhat similar, although the tinamous are fatter. Vermilion Flycatchers were everywhere. It really was nice for us, before we left the region, to have found them. The Blackbirds were: Chestnut-capped, Yellow-winged, White-browed, Scarlet-headed a beautyand the Saffron-cowled the rarity.

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But, by far, the most abundant of the birds were hrande Ibises. Throughout the region, Rufous Horneros abounded. The raptors that were the nicest to see were the two species of Harriers: the Long-winged and the Cinereous. That's the truth of it - in Rio Grande do Sul, one gets the feeling of being in a "birding frontier"!

Seeking thin rio grande breasted

On the ground, a Short-billed Pipit stood, until it decided to fly - straight up into the sky to do its display filled with song. In that same area, we had the opportunity to compare and contrast 3 similar Flycatchers: the Piratic, the Variegated, and the Streaked.

Some people think of them as "monkey-puzzle trees". We heard it, and then, yes, we did see it. But it is the largest of its tribe.

Rio grande valley birds: rgv bird species

The literature says that they rarely occur in interior Brazil, usually on mud by breasetd or lakes. There were also Swans, of two species: the Black-necked and the all-white Coscoroba. Caracaras Southern Crested and Chimango were abundant.

In Rio Grande do Sul, some were in the southern portion of the state, while some were breastsd northerly. Time went by and that species was not to be seen anywhere along the coast where we thought it could be.