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I know that there is one good lady out there for me. I am a wht male. Tired if these fake post wasting my time.

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Hopefully we can all recognize this fact and work to improve the self-image of those people and future generations. Although my guess is they worship white since if you are an Asian American, they'd still treat you poorly.

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The topic of that forum seem to be on asian mothers hell bent on forcing their kids to date within their own race though. But it doens't mean FOBSare less educated fro more prone to swear or attack people. So my fellow asian brothers, don't limit yourself in the dating game. Everyone in this world is great. Did I call his name or insult him?

Take a step back for a second and look at it this way. Where I lived, I've also find a lot of Latin women that are open minded to Asian men, in general. As for your quote from the asian mother forum, I've read that sometime ago.

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Did you read the What you said is ridiculous. The population of an ethnic group has nothing to do with its crime rate. Please talk about other stuff on other appropriate forum, this is not the place for it.

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Just like when BM talk about their bitches, I don't think they think their women are sub-human. As i've said before in my post, I've dated women of all races and I never stated a preference for white women.

She btw hang out with asian, like, and look like us. You are putting words into people's mouth. If this is not widespread phenomenon it wouldn't even be a topic on this forum.

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But if she dates exclusively AM than end up marrying an AM meaning she would have to totally avoid whiteshe might be viewed as a racist. Or for that matter, black women chasing asian men as many asian men are in chasing black women, etc ,etc Yes, Latin women included, I remember this latin women who i was working with, told me she had crush on asian men.

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The great thing about it, aside from them being open minded, is that they are very, extreamly beautiful and sexy. That whittle down the chance for sedking son-sellout AF to pick an AM It is preposterous to label one group of people as having severe self-hatred, because even though thereis a of self-hate people, it goes against human nature that people don't have love for themselves.

How much asians have you known for you to aq it is a reality? But if they turn out to hate AF then they're no different tahn those sellout AF.

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I didn't attack Mr. And I dated BF. Nowadays that term is used seekig as a term of endearment amongst friends more than anything else. If IJ were attacking him, I guess you are nuking me right now :p hehe "I guess I should just put on those blinders that 6"1 Korean guy and some others are already wearing and naively believe the world is perfect and no one sells out or is ashamed of what or who they ocuple. You seem to be more articulate and made quite a few good points.

Don't let anything hinder you; and nothing can!!!!!!!

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That's why typically Chinese restaurants are not know for their service. I know there are asians who hate themselves for who they are. They are hot seekng hot You feel free to genralize asains when it comes to ugly characteristics while being hard pressed to do the same when it comes to their positive traits.

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LOL you are oversensitive. I do get seekjng fair share of white females. I'm sure they are the group with the largest in term of population in comparision with any other group. If you haven't notice this board is non-asian female board and asian men.

Lets jo and ill suck u off. lonely ladys looking latina looking for sex.

There are a lot of foreigner that goes to China each year. I'm definately not saying it's right but it has nothing to do with you as an individual. Latin women do, in general, preffer or like asian men.

But think about it this way, look at whites in this country. I'm open enough to admit what I see, unlike you.

Consciously or unconsciously, AF in general still like men of their race the best. If you focus only coupe the weakness and emphasize on it while neglecting other positive aspects, you are biased tow that specific race. Some people just reacted to the inappropriate comment made by you. Let's not all get into a little hostile over some stupid post.