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Wayne model 70 xtr sporter 270

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Wayne model 70 xtr sporter 270

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I have encountered holes in the barrel hidden by the long rear sight. Following is his article on the iconic Model The pre Model 70 Winchesters were produced in 18 catalogued calibers as follows:. Unfortunately, this led to the well known changes that took place in Replacement of the solid red rubber p Winchester utilized on the large magnum calibers cannot really be detected because even the repro p you can buy today are made to the exact specifications.

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For instance, the butt plates do not always fit exactly because the wood may have changed somewhat over the years. And again, does it really make xtg difference?

Other variations exist, some quite rare such as special shaped stocks and unusual barrel lengths. They tend to forget those rifles were often placed on the damp ground which caused the flaking of the blue.

Beware of rifles wearing scope bases. Unless the parts are from a different waynd period, this is one change that may be impossible to detect.

The pre Model 70 Winchester certainly must be included in the top ten greatest firearms ever produced for sporting purposes anywhere in the world. My first Model 70 was purchased in and remains in my collection. Sometimes collectors wahne through their observations in their mind alterations that really do not exist.

Remember it was not computerized machine cut as is performed today. The model 54 was really a form of sporterized Mauser and lacked refinements being sought by the bolt action minded sportsmen.

Akkar Churchill · ATA Shotgun · Lowa Review · NIOA TV · Nite Site · Precision Long Range by Wayne Johns The legendary handling and quickness of the Model 70 Featherweight is justly The Model 70 action offers Pre-'64 style Controlled Round Feeding, Calibres - , , , , WSM, , 7mm Get New and Used WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS Firearms at XPR Sporter. Model 70 Coyote Light SR Model 70 XTR Super Express. Colt AR Sporter "The Viet Nam Tribute Colt Special Edition" cal. Colt, John Wayne, Commemorative, long Colt caliber revolver. Winchester, Model 70, XTR Featherweight Ultra Grade, caliber, bolt action.

Let it be known that I personally have no proof and am accusing no one but many accusations have been made. He displayed Winchester Pre Model 70s in September,and most recently at our November meeting.

WINCHESTER, 70 XTR, WIN, BOLT, DROP PLATE MAG, WINCHESTER, 70 XTR, WBY MAG, BOLT, PORTED BBL SPORTER, DROP JOHN WAYNE ARMED FORCES COMMEMORATIVE, SN#JW Jeff Cooper's famous scout rifle concept, is based off the company's Model 77 CZ Western Series Sonoran FS (Full Manlincher Stock) Sporter (cut rate, Wayne topped the with a Zeiss Terra 3x x42mm, an excellent scope, 4: 12x70mm Remington Magnum Urban Sniper Model; (Heavy Barrel. While Model 70 has its share of enthusiasts, the demise of the Model 94 is the a jump-start in with the John Wayne Commemorative Model 94 Carbine.

Anyone interested in doing a Featured Display should contact the Business Office. Under the bases you may find an extra hole or find spotrer original holes have been enlarged to accept screws.

Unfortunately, we cannot obtain a letter of authenticity from Winchester on bolt action rifles to verify one of these rare rifles. The Model 70 offered stronger action, more checkering, improved safety, and much improved trigger. The advantages of the three position safety, controlled feed, and coned breech become apparent to anyone using one of these fine rifles. If a model 70 stock showing considerable use is observed, flaking off of the finish spprter be noted.


Gear: Rifles. Wayne Van Zwoll Browning's $ AB3 is a synthetic-stocked A-Bolt-style rifle in,, 7mm Rem. Mag. and Win. Mag. Model 70 Sporter comes back to the RMEF to support conservation. Winchester Model 70 XTR Featherweight Win. vintage, comes with 22 inch high gloss barrel and receiver, swivel studs, hinged floor plate, knurled bolt. Emanuel Rd., Hoagland, IN (1 mile east off of US 27 South of Fort Wayne) Ithaca Model 37 Featherlight 12ga; Remington Sportsman 48 12ga Savage 93R cal; Winchester Model 70 Lightweight WIN bolt action Ruger Model Carbine; Winchester Model 70 XTR Sporter

Two books have been published on the Winchester Model Winchester applied the finish on the wood not in the wood. Experience allows your fingers to feel a difference in the xyr of the finish. There are people restoring firearms who have become so proficient at matching the finish on both metal and wood that it becomes difficult to separate these from a mint original piece.

These included standard grade, featherweight, carbine, national match, target grade, super grade, varminter, gopher special, super grade featherweight, bull gun, and special order models. Winchester was experiencing problems at this time producing the quality of rifle that aayne the Model 70 famous.

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You can observe only the stain penetrated the wood. The Winchester Model 70 rifle, of course, needs little introduction ssporter the most widely known bolt action sporting rifle in the world. Bolt de changes and drilling and tapping the rear receiver bridge were performed on the rifles when production d following the World War II.

Any extra holes drilled in the metal detract a considerable amount from the value. Regardless of what make or model moel firearm we seek as collectors, originality is most important, followed by condition.

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Also, a very few wayme produced in 7. Perhaps at this point I should point out the possibilities of after-market fakes in these rare calibers.

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I have seen people pass up a Model 70 because the bluing on the butt plate was not as good as the barreled action. Some collectors prefer those early post-war rifles because they retain pre-war quality but at the same time lend themselves xfr easy mounting of telescope sights.

Seldom will you find an article written on another make and model bolt action rifle without reference to the Winchester Model Miller Wayne R.